GAX Da DOMINUS Born “Anthony .E. Madueke” Started Rapping at a very tender age some years later he met and teamed up with “Daniel Otti” know as “Dannyjoesbeat” and the group Government was born. A year later GAX Da DOMINUS Founded his own independent label, Dominus Camp Music, and dropped a hit “Hustle Hard” the mixtape took the Nigerian music scene by storm because of his incredible hip-hop style.

Here Are More Hit Songs from Gax Da Dominus

His Confidence can transfer to anyone’s inner life because his F.B.I. (Full Blooded Igbo) that makes him the kind of motivational speaker that he is.

In addition to his numerous accomplishment as an artist and businessman, GAX Da DOMINUS also Owns BaRuuCITY JAMZ and they all about Professional & Exclusive Music Production and Distribution. GAX Da Dominus Hopes to inspire a new generation of hip-hop and music in general.







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